Wednesday, February 07, 2007

FreeBooks #0: An Introduction

In order to make everyone's work week a little bit brighter, every Wednesday night I'm going to post a link to a free downloadable e-book. Because the proper way to celebrate the coming weekend isn't with a beer or a new episode of Beauty and the Geek (as much as I love that show), but with a new POD novel!

These are not going to be full-length reviews (not that my normal reviews even really rise to the level of "full-length"). Rather, where I've read the whole book, I'll post a short capsule review. Other times, I'll write about a book that looks intriguing after the first few chapters, but that I haven't yet had the chance to finish.

One thing I want to make perfectly clear: the fact that I write about a book on "FreeBook Wednesday" rather than in a standard review is not an implicit assertion that the book isn't up to par or that it in any way is not worthy of my (and your) time and attention. I most definitely do not mean to punish any book for having the decency to be free. The very first book I reviewed on this blog, Soren Narnia's outstanding Roll! They Cried, which I tremendously enjoyed, is available for free on Narnia's website. Rather, this is just another way of trying to get word of worthwhile books out there, to my vast readership.

By the same token, finding a meritorious free e-book every week is going to be a challenge. I encourage (i.e., beg) you to let me know about any interesting free finds you've stumbled across.

And now, on with the FreeBook show . . .


Anonymous said...

Well, you can read my science fiction opus The Mars Run online for free.

Not to toot my own horn, or anything! :-)

Devon Kappa said...

Please, plug all you want. And I think The Mars Run will make a perfect FreeBooks entry for me: a novel that's plainly very accomplished and that many would enjoy, but that you rudely chose to write in a genre (science fiction) that I just have a hard time relating to (and thus writing a detailed review about). :-)

And I'm looking forward to your next review over at PodPeople . . . get writing!

Anonymous said...

Sorry you don't share my love of SF, although the "geek factor" of this one is fairly low.

If one's not going to make (much) money on this gig, might as well enjoy the work!

Anonymous said...

Chris Gerrib said:

"If one's not going to make (much) money on this gig, might as well enjoy the work!"

Never heard wiser words. Other authors who employ POD technology, or other self-pub methods would do well if they felt this way.